Kenya Imagine

Kenyan runners

15 Jan 2018

Time and again Kenyans excel at running competitions. They are winning everything in long distances, but also in shorter. But why is it so? Why are Kenyans such great runners? Is there something in their DNA or physique? Or is it the environment they grow up, and train, in (high altitudes)? Or is it just a tradition of running, with certain training factors that the rest of the world has yet to discover? It is an interesting topic...

Lions vs. Masia warriors

29 Nov 2017

Who doesn't love natural documentaries from Kenya? There is something incredibly appealing with the wild life of the heart of Africa and to many people from all over the world it is a life dream to witness the savannahs in real life. The Masais are famous all over the globe for their ability to live in this environment, side by side with some of the world's most dangerous predators. They are also known for their tall, slim body build and their ability to jum really high. In this documentary we get to see Masai warriors when they set out to battle lions.


Traditional music

19 Sep 2017

There are many different tribes in Kenya and all carry their unique tradtions. In this captivating video clip we get to listen to traditional Masai tunes sung by original Masai women from East Africa. it is incredibly powerful and beautiful, isn't it?