Snow in Kenya?

It doesn't snow in Kenya, that's a general notion. In fact, most Kenyans have never seen snow in their lives, except for possibly the snow that can be created in the freezer when defrosting it is overdue. However, in 2017, for the first time in history, snow fell over Kenya and covered the landscape. People were amazed. I have traveled to Kenya many a times and I love the country. I am a person who loves contrast so when I am not in the heat, I like to be in the cold.

A Kenyan ski enthusiast

For obvious resons you don't see many Kenyans on the snowy slopes of ski resorts. There are always exceptions of course, and Kenyans travel too. In fact, the last time I went to the Alps for skiing (which is my absolute favourite cold-weather activity), I met a Kenyan, overly enthused with skiing - he was amazing! He was born in Kenya, but had lived in Switzerland since the  age of twelve, and he told me that the only way to get used to the freezing cold and the snow was to totally embrace it (and invest in proper clothing). Now he is out on the slopes every chance he gets. Pretty inspiring. Apart from talking long hours about his mother country, he also helped me out with some questions I had abou skiing. For instance, he was the one to explain to me how long should my skis be. Who would have thought...

I usually get all my ski related qusetions answered at, but this Kenyan was like a living encyclopedia. Life never stops surprising!

13 Nov 2018